Good business processes mean nothing without great people. To implement a process that consistently produces a quality product or service, you must invest in people. Develop people so that they are performing at their best; from this, excellent processes will arise.

Many people lack the balance and structure in life needed to develop the fundamentals that create success. Go watch a youth team’s basketball practice – the coaches spend all of their time practicing the play, not the fundamentals. Yet if the kids cannot dribble, shoot and pass, no play will ever work. They become players who look good in practice but choke during the game.

Begin by executing the basics. Focusing on the outcome, instead of the fundamentals that create the outcome, leads to frustration and failure. In life or business, you must learn to “keep the main thing the main thing all the time.”

Art Williams, the former high school football coach and founder of AL Williams who revolutionized life insurance, taught a tremendous fundamental: “All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough.” The trick is to not buy into complacency; you must work every day to improve. Daily improvement should be a daily personal habit as it has an exponential impact over the course of a lifetime.

Work processes do not improve unless the processes of people improve. Remember that a process is always up for review. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and use processes to address them; you will gain a competitive advantage.

Constant daily improvement while practicing the fundamentals equates to process orientation. A commitment to consistently practicing the fundamentals creates an environment of stability.

Last modified: March 6, 2018