Meet Jeff

Jeff Piersall is a proven leader in all endeavors of his life, positively affecting thousands of people throughout his career. As an award-winning college basketball coach, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, he possesses the unique ability to bridge current circumstances with future foresights.

As Founder and CEO of SCB Marketing Holding Company, Jeff inspires, motivates and connects entrepreneurs, business leaders and communities through four business journals, numerous specialty publications, marketing services and speaking engagements. He is a quintessential connector and problem-solving savant.

He volunteers as Chairman of the Board for No Limits Academy, a Christian based school for children with brain injuries, and a member of the Executive Committee for GrowFL, an economic development program focused on assisting second-stage growth companies prosper in the state of Florida. Additionally, Jeff acts as the emcee and keynote speaker for several organizations including Junior Achievement of the Space Coast and the Florida Economic Development Council state conference.

Jeff and his wife of 35 years, Judy, live in Viera, Florida and have three grown children.

Awards and Recognitions


  • Business of the Year by Brevard County
  • 2011 Florida Companies to Watch by GrowFL
  • INC. 500 Fastest Growth Companies
  • Boy Scouts Golden Eagle Award
  • 2017 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur 360
  • Atlanta Tip-O Club Coach of the Year

Articles, Blogs & News

Calibrating Your Leadership GPS for an Era of Hyper-Change

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Process Orientation: Keeping the main thing the main thing

Good business processes mean nothing without great people. To implement a process that consistently produces a quality product or service, you must invest in people. Develop people so that they are performing at their best; from this, excellent processes will arise. Many people lack the balance and structure in life needed to develop the fundamentals …